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DISPOSER – Part Number: YDFB6500AAX
This part number matches the current model number DFB6500AAX
PartSelect #: PS2202829
Manufacturer #: YDFB6500AAX
Manufacturer's Number: DFB6500AAX Batch-feed model - activates only when auto-start lid is in place Heavy-duty 3/4 HP induction motor - fewer moving parts for a longer, more reliable life 64 oz. capac...
  No Longer Available
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Inner Stopper Gasket – Part Number: 4211355
Inner Stopper Gasket
PartSelect #: PS357412
Manufacturer #: 4211355
  In Stock
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Seal and Nut Kit – Part Number: 4211578
Seal and Nut Kit
PartSelect #: PS357508
Manufacturer #: 4211578
  In Stock
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STOPPER – Part Number: Y08300100
PartSelect #: PS2198169
Manufacturer #: Y08300100
  No Longer Available
GASKET- ST – Part Number: Y08300101
PartSelect #: PS2198170
Manufacturer #: Y08300101
  No Longer Available
Start Switch – Part Number: 8174312
Start Switch
PartSelect #: PS391145
Manufacturer #: 8174312
  In Stock
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Mounting Gasket – Part Number: 4211411
Mounting Gasket
PartSelect #: PS357454
Manufacturer #: 4211411
  Special Order
GASKET- SH – Part Number: Y08300078
PartSelect #: PS2198159
Manufacturer #: Y08300078
  No Longer Available
BOLT, THRU – Part Number: 752521
PartSelect #: PS131523
Manufacturer #: 752521
  No Longer Available
BRACKET, WIRE COVER – Part Number: 83001017
PartSelect #: PS136944
Manufacturer #: 83001017
  No Longer Available
COVER, TRIM – Part Number: 83001020
PartSelect #: PS136946
Manufacturer #: 83001020
  No Longer Available
CLIP, TRIM SHELL – Part Number: 83001023
PartSelect #: PS136948
Manufacturer #: 83001023
  No Longer Available
Actuator – Part Number: 4211322
PartSelect #: PS357384
Manufacturer #: 4211322
  Special Order

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worn out gasket
installed new gasket by hand.
Parts Used:
Inner Stopper Gasket
  • George E. from Marysville, WA
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    Less than 15 mins
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