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How to Repair Your Washing Machine

If your washing machine is broken, and you are not quite sure what’s wrong with it, you’ve come to the right place! On this page you’ll find troubleshooting videos that can help you determine the reason why your washer won’t drain or why it won’t agitate your clothes. We’ve also got a list of symptoms, in order of how commonly they occur in washing machines. If you click on the symptom your appliance is experiencing, you’ll be able to review the parts that can repair your washer’s issues.
Common Broken Washer Symptoms Reported By


Learn how to troubleshoot and repair a noisy washer by the type of noise it makes, from the rattle of a pump motor, to the squealing of a belt or worn tub bearings.

27% of customers


Diagnose the reason for your leaking washer, from a worn pump and door seals, to a failed water inlet valve.

25% of customers

Will not start

Find out how to fix a washer that will not start, by checking a few key components, such as door latch switches, timers, electronic controls, and thermal fuses.

17% of customers

Will not agitate

Diagnose why your washer will not agitate, by inspecting components like the agitator cogs, coupler, drive belt and transmission.

9% of customers

Timer will not advance

Determine why your washer’s timer will not advance by troubleshooting parts, like the lid switch, timer motor, water level control and drain pump.

4% of customers

Pumps but does not spin

Learn how to repair a washer that will not spin by testing the direct drive motor coupling, the door lock and the wax motor.

3% of customers

Shakes and moves

Find out how to troubleshoot and repair a washer that shakes and moves, by inspecting shock absorbers, tub dampening straps and leveling legs.

3% of customers

Will not fill with water

Determine why your washer will not fill with water by learning how to test an inlet hose, lid switch and a water inlet valve.

2% of customers

Will not stop filling with water

If your washer won’t stop filling with water, then troubleshoot the common reasons like the water inlet valve, water level pressure switch and the air dome tube .

1% of customers

Burning smell

If there is a burning smell coming from your washer, troubleshoot the common problems and learn which parts can cause the odor, from drive belts to motor pulleys.

1% of customers

Lid or door will not open

If your washer has a door or a lid that won’t open, check for broken parts like the lid hinge or pin.

1% of customers

No hot or cold water

Find out how to repair a washer that won’t fill with hot or cold water by troubleshooting the common problem parts like a temperature control switch or inlet hose.

1% of customers

Fills and drains at the same time

Learn how to fix a washer that is filling and draining at the same time, by inspecting the common parts that cause issues, like the water level and pressure switches.

1% of customers
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