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Screw – Part Number: W11233072
PartSelect #: PS12349731
Manufacturer #: W11233072
This is a multi-use and multi-appliance screw. It can be used on a microwave, refrigerator, range/oven, air conditioner, dehumidifier, washer, or dryer. The measurements of this screw are 8 x 1/2 inch...
  In Stock
Screw, 8/18 x 3/8 – Part Number: WP90767
Screw, 8/18 x 3/8
PartSelect #: PS11746840
Manufacturer #: WP90767
This screw is sold individually.
  In Stock
Screw – Part Number: WP98165
PartSelect #: PS11747542
Manufacturer #: WP98165
This screw is a little under an inch long and is made of metal. It is used with a refrigerator's ice maker assembly. Sold individually.
  In Stock
Hex Nut – Part Number: WP488130
Hex Nut
PartSelect #: PS11742711
Manufacturer #: WP488130
Part may differ in appearance, but functions same as original.
  In Stock
Screw - 8-18 x 1/2 – Part Number: WP489464
Screw - 8-18 x 1/2
PartSelect #: PS11742751
Manufacturer #: WP489464
Sold individually.
  In Stock
Gasket - sold by the foot – Part Number: 10839706
Gasket - sold by the foot
PartSelect #: PS2000008
Manufacturer #: 10839706
This gasket is gray and is made of a spongy material. This gasket is used for many air conditioners. It will come to you at the length you specify: one foot, two feet, whatever you require. When order...
  No Longer Available
CLAMP – Part Number: M0102309
PartSelect #: PS177497
Manufacturer #: M0102309
  No Longer Available
SCREW – Part Number: M0206557
PartSelect #: PS177821
Manufacturer #: M0206557
  No Longer Available
DISCONTINUED – Part Number: M0210501
PartSelect #: PS177870
Manufacturer #: M0210501
  No Longer Available
DISCONTINUED – Part Number: D6711825
PartSelect #: PS163778
Manufacturer #: D6711825
  No Longer Available
NUT – Part Number: M0283509
PartSelect #: PS178813
Manufacturer #: M0283509
  No Longer Available
DISCONTINUED – Part Number: B1363801
PartSelect #: PS149873
Manufacturer #: B1363801
  No Longer Available

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