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Igniter/Orifice Mounting Screw
PartSelect Number PS440022
Manufacturer Part Number 316240600
This part is the igniter/orifice mounting screw for your cooktop or range. It is approximately ½ an inch in length and is made of metal. The mounting screw connects the orifice to the cooktop. If the orifice is loose, or the screw is missing, this is the part that will replace it. This part is sold individually and is a genuine OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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Top Burner Mounting Screw with Washer
PartSelect Number PS437925
Manufacturer Part Number 316069301
This is now a new zinc and black-coated screw that will resist rust and seizing.
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Thermostat Bulb Clip
PartSelect Number PS460519
Manufacturer Part Number 5303284616
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PartSelect Number PS461124
Manufacturer Part Number 5303288565
This is an authentic mounting screw, which works with ranges, wall ovens, cooktops and warming drawers.
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Terminal Block Screw
PartSelect Number PS474106
Manufacturer Part Number 5308014215
Size: 6-20 x 0.312 inch. Sold individually.
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Wafer Head Screw
PartSelect Number PS460629
Manufacturer Part Number 5303285179
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Screw -8-18 x 1.438
PartSelect Number PS436031
Manufacturer Part Number 3131732
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PartSelect Number PS463003
Manufacturer Part Number 5303300265
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Screw - 10-24 X 3/8
PartSelect Number PS466352
Manufacturer Part Number 5303311174
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PartSelect Number PS440161
Manufacturer Part Number 316247700

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