The Ultimate Camping Appliance Checklist |

The Ultimate Camping Appliance Checklist

The warmer months have finally arrived and with them, the beginning of one of the best seasons of the year – camping season. Whether you spend your summers camping in tents, RV’s, cottages or your backyard, the accessories you bring with you can be as important as the sleeping arrangements. Most of us are familiar with the standard must-haves for any outdoor trip – flashlights, sleeping bags, bug spray, marshmallows, etc. – but there are tons of other items out there than can take a camping trip to a whole other level.

In an effort to help all you campers have the best summer ever, we’ve put together a list of some essential appliances that make outdoor living a whole lot easier. In no particular order, here are a collection of our favorites!

Coleman Stove

At the top of every list of camping appliances is, of course, the Coleman Stove. It’s perfect for those evenings when cooking over an open-fire just isn’t an option, and comes in so many different varieties finding a good fit is never an issue. Whether you prefer propane, butane or liquid fuel – there’s a Coleman stove perfect for what you need, and they’re impossibly easy to come by.

Coleman Stove

12 Volt Portable Fridge

A cooler is all you really need for most camping trips, especially if you spend a lot of your time in an RV or camp-trailer equipped with a fridge. If you’re a hard-core camper though and plan to spend a few days in an area without power-hookup, a portable vehicle fridge might be the solution to your problems. These units tend to be on the small size, but they operate off the 12-volt cigarette lighter in your car or truck and keep your food cold for hours on end!

Camp Coffee Maker

Camping Coffee Maker

If you’re anything like us, the day doesn’t truly begin until that first cup of coffee has been sipped. While there are lots of options out there for getting your caffeine-fix in the wild, none are quite as elegant as the Coleman Camp Coffee Maker in striking red. It retails for a steep $100, but most coffee lovers will agree – you can’t put a price on a good cup of Joe.

Portable Oven/Stove

Portable Oven and Stove Combo

We’ve already mentioned the traditional Coleman Stove, but what if you could bake while camping too? This multi-purpose appliance is the king of all camping accessories, combining both a stove and an oven into one handy and transportable unit. Operating on propane, this appliance can bake a 12 inch pizza while simultaneously cooking the rest of a meals on the double burner up top – and it weighs only 41 lbs.

RV-Size Dishwasher

Camping and the term roughing-it don’t have to go hand-in-hand, in fact with the portable luxuries we have available today, outdoor living is often as comfortable as life at home. If washing dishes isn’t your thing, don’t stress – small RV-size dishwashers mean you might never have to get your hands wet again!

Ice Maker

Portable Ice Maker

Not only do portable ice-makers exist, they work faster than most standard in-home one’s kicking out an impressive 12 cubes, in just 14 minutes. They do require a power hook-up with at least 120 volts, but that shouldn’t be hard to find at a standard camp site. In less time than it takes to put up a tent, you can have a nice-chilled glass of iced tea in hand.

Propane Campfire

Portable Camfire

Last but not least, we have the propane campfire – an appliance many hard-core campers might scoff at but an important inclusion none-the-less. Those who live in hot and dry climates are all too familiar with mid-summer fire bans, but these government regulations don’t have to ruin your camping vacation. If you know ahead of time that fires aren’t allowed, pick up on of these portable propane campfires and you’ll be roasting marshmallows and making popcorn in no time at all.

Camping isn’t about what you bring with you; it’s about enjoying the outdoors and appreciating the natural beauty found all around us. Whether you decide to stick to the basics or spice up your outdoor-living style with a few of these handy appliances, we wish you a happy camping season and a wonderful summer. Cheers!

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