Kick-off Canada Day With Some Great Canadian Inventions

Kick-off Canada Day With Some Great Canadian Inventions

Summer may have officially begun on June 21st, but for many Canadians the true kick-off to the warmer months takes place on July 1st – Canada Day. Often referred to as the country’s birthday, the occasion marks the day in 1867 when Canada became a kingdom in its own right, and not just a collection of British colonies.

Similar to the July holiday revered by our sister-to-the-south, Canada Day is marked by huge celebrations, firework displays and lots and lots of BBQ. Depending on where you live, activities could include parades, carnivals, tailgate parties, free concerts and often citizenship ceremonies for those new to the country. From coast to coast, the celebrations are huge but maybe none so much as in the capital of Ottawa where the crowds on Parliament Hill often exceed hundreds of thousands.

Canada Day in Ottawa Canada Day in Ottawa

Lots of things make Canada a cool country – and we don’t just mean the weather. Did you know that it’s the second largest country in the world behind Russia and has the longest coastline anywhere? Or that Joe Shuster first came up with the idea of Superman while visiting Ontario? Not to mention the fact that it’s the birthplace of hockey.

Some of the world’s greatest inventions hail from Canada, and without this vast country the world just wouldn’t be the same. In order to celebrate its 144th birthday this year, we thought we’d highlight just a few of them to show how Canadians are helping to make the world a better place.

How many homes would really be complete without the electric stove – these days, not many. We have Canadian Thomas Ahearn to thank for this convenient and time-saving invention.

Thomas Ahearn Range stove

It’s easy to take our many means of communication for granted because if one fails, we almost always have a back-up. This wasn’t always the case – in fact, until Mr. Alexander Graham Bell’s summer vacation in 1874, the idea of the telephone didn’t even exist.

Alexander Graham Bell Early telephone

If you haven’t been to a film in IMAX we demand you put it on your list of things to do. This unique movie experience takes regular old films from enjoyable to breathtaking, simply by changing the screens. Yet another Canadian invention, the creation of IMAX had movie buffs worldwide in awe.

A heart-starting Canadian invention, the world's first cardiac pacemaker was created by John Hopps in 1950.

Last but not least, we thought we’d throw in one modern Canadian invention many of us just can’t live without – our Blackberry’s. Waterloo, Ontario-based Research In Motion first unveiled the Blackberry in 1999. Now, over 10 years later it has become one of the most popular Smartphone’s on the market.

The evolution of the Blackberry

Canadians have many reasons to celebrate this July 1st and this list of inventions only names a few. Whatever you choose to raise a glass to this year Canada, we hope you have a fantastic day.

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