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Popular Dryer Hoses and Tubes

Inlet Hose - 5 FT – Part Number: WP89503
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Inlet Hose - 5 FT
PartSelect Number PS11746820
Manufacturer Part Number WP89503
This hose can handle hot or cold water and is five feet long.
Fixes these symptoms

Plastic Tube Insert – Part Number: WPA3223101
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Plastic Tube Insert
PartSelect Number PS11747809
Manufacturer Part Number WPA3223101
Sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms

Extension Hose – Part Number: 285863
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Extension Hose
PartSelect Number PS334681
Manufacturer Part Number 285863
This part is used to extend washing machine drain hose approximately 4 feet. You may also require the connector (PartSelect Number PS334663) to connect the extension to the existing drain hose.
Fixes these symptoms

Feed Tube with 3rd Level Spinner – Part Number: WPW10077859
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Feed Tube with 3rd Level Spinner
PartSelect Number PS11748131
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10077859
Also known as the water supply tube.
Fixes these symptoms
Not cleaning dishes properly

Water Pressure Hose - Cut-to-Fit – Part Number: WP353244
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Water Pressure Hose - Cut-to-Fit
PartSelect Number PS11741846
Manufacturer Part Number WP353244
This is the hose that tells your appliance if your tub is at the desired water level.
Fixes these symptoms
Will not stop filling with water

HOSE DRAIN INLET – Part Number: WH41X10280
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PartSelect Number PS3501457
Manufacturer Part Number WH41X10280
Fixes these symptoms

Inlet Hose Kit – Part Number: 202860
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Inlet Hose Kit
PartSelect Number PS2016880
Manufacturer Part Number 202860
This hose is almost 5 feet long and now comes with the washers for proper installation. It is used to bring water into your washer for the cycles.
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Hose Clamp Kit – Part Number: WH1X2036
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Hose Clamp Kit
PartSelect Number PS270806
Manufacturer Part Number WH1X2036
This hose clamp kit contains two clamps. The smaller of the two is an inch in diameter while the larger of the two is two inches in diameter.
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TUBE – Part Number: 5304507398
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PartSelect Number PS11773289
Manufacturer Part Number 5304507398
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Inlet Hose - Cold – Part Number: 5215FD3715V
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Inlet Hose - Cold
PartSelect Number PS3635975
Manufacturer Part Number 5215FD3715V
Also known as the water supply hose.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part