Your Guide to OEM Parts

What does OEM mean?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Simply put, this means that the company who made your appliance is also supplying the replacement part for it.

Why purchase OEM parts?



Purchasing a manufacturer supplied replacement part ensures that the part will fit and work with your appliance. You don’t need to second guess measurements, as it was specifically designed for your model. These parts help to extend the life of your equipment, along with making sure that it runs as efficiently and safely as possible.



Every part found on our site is authentic and made to the same standards as the original part. Manufacturers will occasionally update or upgrade parts, so the new item may even be a better design and higher quality than the original you are replacing.


We’re so confident in the quality of parts we sell that we back each appliance and electronic part with a one-year warranty. If your appliance is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, purchasing an OEM part shouldn’t void it.

How can I find OEM parts for my appliance?

We have you covered! Finding the right OEM part for your appliance is easy; simply enter your model number in the search box below. All the parts compatible with your model will be displayed. Using your model number to search for parts will save you time and money. Using your model number ensures that you are getting the correct part the first time, avoiding the need to return a part that doesn’t fit.

Does PartSelect sell any after-market parts?

PartSelect does not sell after-market parts, as we cannot guarantee the quality of those products. You will not see us describing parts as “refurbished”, “third party”, or “universal.” You should think twice before purchasing parts from somewhere that uses these terms.

After-market parts are much cheaper, why shouldn’t I buy them?

Once again, it comes down to fit and quality, but with after-market parts they are not guaranteed to fit your appliance and are made with lower quality materials.

Buying parts that are not specifically designed for your appliance could cause damage when you attempt to install them. These parts may not be up to safety standards for your equipment and could cause injury to your person or property if the part malfunctions. Installing after-market parts may also void the manufacturer’s warranties.

So, while the price for these aftermarket parts may be cheaper, they can end up costing you much more in the long run.

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