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Screw – Part Number: W11233072
PartSelect #: PS12349731
Manufacturer #: W11233072
This is a multi-use and multi-appliance screw. It can be used on a microwave, refrigerator, range/oven, air conditioner, dehumidifier, washer, or dryer. The measurements of this screw are 8 x 1/2 inch...
  In Stock
Screw - 6-32 x 5/16 – Part Number: WP74004005
Screw - 6-32 x 5/16
PartSelect #: PS11744050
Manufacturer #: WP74004005
This screw is well under an inch long, and is made of metal.
  Special Order
Humidistat Control – Part Number: 18200-2
Humidistat Control
PartSelect #: PS2014573
Manufacturer #: 18200-2
This part is a sensor that is used to control and regulate the humidity levels in the dehumidifier.
  No Longer Available
Condensor Fan Blade - Black – Part Number: Y01110041
Condensor Fan Blade - Black
PartSelect #: PS2191067
Manufacturer #: Y01110041
This blade comes with a retaining clip and screw.
  No Longer Available
BASE PAN – Part Number: 18126-3
PartSelect #: PS55269
Manufacturer #: 18126-3
  No Longer Available
BRACKET – Part Number: 18154-2
PartSelect #: PS55274
Manufacturer #: 18154-2
  No Longer Available
GUIDE – Part Number: 18182-1
PartSelect #: PS55279
Manufacturer #: 18182-1
  No Longer Available
CONTROL PANEL – Part Number: 18434-4
PartSelect #: PS55459
Manufacturer #: 18434-4
  No Longer Available
SWITCH, OVERFLOW CONTROL – Part Number: 18470-2
PartSelect #: PS55466
Manufacturer #: 18470-2
  No Longer Available
WASHER – Part Number: 431014-511
PartSelect #: PS90350
Manufacturer #: 431014-511
  No Longer Available
RELAY, START – Part Number: 63293-4
PartSelect #: PS110248
Manufacturer #: 63293-4
  No Longer Available
OVERLOAD – Part Number: 63294-14
PartSelect #: PS110254
Manufacturer #: 63294-14
  No Longer Available

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The old blade separated from the shaft.
Removed all screws from the outside case, then I had access to the motor. Removed 4 screws from the bracket holding the motor assembly in place, removed it from the case. Next I pulled off the broken fan part, installed the new blade and secured it with the supplied bracket. Next I installed the motor assembly in reverse with the 4 screws I removed earlier. I made sure the blade would move freely, no wire in the way. Also, when you remove the motor assembly you will have to remove the motor wires from their attachment points, but is easy, they are just "plugged" in. In any case I recommend you make a small drawing/schematic as to where the wires go for proper hookup later. The last thing is to put the case cover back on, line up the holes and insert the screws you removed earlier. The unit has been running like new now!!
Parts Used:
Condensor Fan Blade - Black
  • William from Oriskany, NY
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    15 - 30 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
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