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If you have any questions when ordering your dryer part or when using our site, feel free to get in touch with us by phone at 1-800-901-6912 and speak with our customer service representatives. We can help guide you through the ordering process and make sure you’re getting the right part for your model of dryer. For more convenience, you can also send your questions by email day or night to customerservice@partselect.ca. Our representatives our always happy to answer your questions and order your repair parts. Stop waiting and starting ordering your parts with PartSelect today!

Homeowners rely on their dryers to work hard and be reliable, so when your dryer goes on the fritz and isn’t drying your clothes like it used to, rely on PartSelect to get you the dryer parts you need fast. With our wide inventory of a dryer parts for all the major manufacturers, you can be sure to find the exact dryer part you need to get your dryer working like new again. Our website is chalk full of features that makes it easier for you to order dryer parts including part images, diagrams, and our specific model number search. Our parts all come guaranteed with a 30-day return policy and one-year full warranty and with our three convenient shipping options, we’ll have them shipped to you fast! Get your dryer repaired today with dryer parts from PartSelect.

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