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How a Microwave Works

Microwave ovens have added the elements of speed, convenience, and ease to the cooking process. Today's reality is that most families are pressed for time, especially on weekday evenings. In many cases, family members just can't spare the thirty minutes or more to wait for a meal cooked in a conventional oven. Fortunately, a microwave oven is capable of cooking a delicious meal in a matter of minutes that a family is able to share together.

A microwave oven makes it possible for a person to enjoy a scrumptious snack or a hot beverage in the span of a few minutes or even several seconds. The question is: How does a microwave oven cook an item of food so quickly? The answer involves molecules. First, there are water molecules stored within the structure of an item of food. In the usual scenario, a person puts food into the microwave oven, sets the time, and pushes the start button. At that point, microwaves begin to work their way into the food causing its water molecules to shake. The shaking of the water molecules produces friction, which serves to heat up the food in a short amount of time. When the timer buzzes, the person carefully removes the hot food from the microwave.

While microwave ovens are extremely helpful and simple to use, an owner should keep some things in mind. One important aspect regarding microwave cooking is that the ovens may sometimes leave portions of certain foods cold or under cooked. For example, a person using a microwave oven may notice that in certain areas a thick piece of meat emerges uncooked or even cold. Considering the importance of cooking meat in a thorough way, a food preparer should determine the adequate amount of time needed for thicker meat to cook properly in a microwave oven.

Today, inexpensive microwave ovens are found in many places including restaurants and homes as well as employee break rooms. Whether it's used to heat a beverage or prepare a bag of popcorn, a microwave oven rewards its owners with quick, delicious treats.

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