Everything You Need To Know About Small Appliances

Everything You Need To Know About Small Appliances

What would life be without small kitchen appliances? These handy devices allow for fast and convenient cooking, enabling professional cooks and homeowners alike to create meals efficiently and spend more time with friends and family. There are several major small appliances that every kitchen needs, but it is equally important to know how to operate them, what kinds of foods to make in them, and more. This resource is designed to help anyone pick the best small kitchen appliances, use them properly, and create delicious meals that all can enjoy.


  • Blender Recipes — Betty Crocker has several great recipes that can be made with a blender on this page.
  • Blenders and Baby Food — This site details how to know when a blender should be used for making homemade baby food and when a food processor should be chosen instead.
  • Blenders Buying Guide — Builders Square explores some of the many different blender options on today’s market.
  • Free Healthy Blender Recipes — This site allows users to contribute their favorite healthy blender recipes.
  • How to Care for Blenders? — This is a simple guide to cleaning and maintaining a blender.
  • How to Clean Blenders — Learn the easy steps for cleaning a blender on this site.
  • Shop for BlendersConsumer Reports offers this excellent and simple guide to choosing the right blender.
  • Spin Control — Although this article on immersion blenders refers primarily to restaurants, even homeowners can learn the benefits of these appliances for their home kitchens.

Pressure Cookers

  • Cooking at High Altitudes — The U.S. Department of Agriculture briefly explores the use of pressure cookers at higher altitudes on this site.
  • Cooking Under Pressure — Here is an article from Mother Earth News on the many benefits of cooking with a pressure cooker.
  • Fast Cooking — Dozens of pressure cooker recipes are available at this site.
  • How to Choose a Pressure Cooker — This site on Indian cooking has a good guide on choosing a pressure cooker.
  • Miss Vickie's Pressure Cooker Recipes — This all-encompassing site actually has much more than just recipes. It also includes tips on buying a pressure cooker, repairing one, and much more.
  • Pressure Cooker Primer — Learn all the ins and outs of using a pressure cooker and why so many love this appliance on this page.
  • Pressure Cooking for Dummies — Users can find pressure cooker recipes and operational guides for pressure cookers on Dummies.com.
  • Tim's Pressure Cooker — One pressure cooker enthusiast looks at his pressure cooker, evaluates its benefits, and shows its internal components on this site.


  • A Guide to Cleaning Your Drip Coffee Maker — Cleaning a coffee maker is essential to extending its lifetime. It is not a difficult process, and this article explains how coffeemakers should be cleaned.
  • Coffee Detective — When readers visit the Coffee Detective’s page, they can find advice on selecting the right coffeemaker, brewing coffee correctly, choosing the right kind of coffee beans, and much more.
  • Coffee Grinder Reviews — Having the right coffee maker does not do much good without the right coffee grinder. This site picks the best coffee grinders on the market based on user reviews and how they are compatible with coffee makers.
  • Coffee Maker Recipes — It is possible to make much more than coffee in a coffeemaker, as this article demonstrates.
  • Coffee Recipes — This page has several excellent recipes for different kinds of coffee.
  • For a Quality Taste — The Barista Guru explains that choosing a coffeemaker rightly is essential to making coffee that tastes great.
  • How to Choose Coffee Beans — Learning how to choose coffee beans is one of the steps that people must learn in order to use a coffeemaker to its full potential.
  • Selecting a Coffee Brewing Method — Only after a coffee brewing method is selected can the right coffeemaker be chosen.

Can Openers

  • Automatic Can Opener — Learn about the benefits of an electric can opener and how one should be chosen on this page.
  • Buying a New Can Opener Online — Users can get a good overview of buying a can opener over the Internet and information on the various kinds of can openers on this site.
  • Campbell's Kitchen — Campbell’s Kitchen has several recipes that can be made using the company’s soups and other products.
  • Canned Foods UK — This site helps people learn to eat healthy with canned foods. It includes nutrition information, recipes, and much more.
  • Can Opener Ratings and Reviews — On this helpful page, users can read some helpful ratings and reviews of several different can openers.
  • How to Care for an Electric Can Opener — As the title of this link indicates, this is an article on how to care for and clean many different types of electric can openers.
  • How to Use a Can Opener — This site features a guide on how to use both electric and manual can openers.
  • Meal Time — This page has many recipes that can be made with canned foods.

Garbage Disposals

Toasters and Toaster Ovens

  • Cleaning Toasters — Cleaning a toaster thoroughly can be difficult, but this guide makes the job easier.
  • Fixing Your Toaster — Here is a guide for fixing Sunbeam Radiant Control toasters, one of the most popular toasters that has ever been created.
  • Fixing Toasters — Bob Vila provides a helpful guide for repairing toasters on this page.
  • Good Toaster Recipes to Try — Toaster Central has a few good things that can be done with bread, a toaster, and a few extra ingredients.
  • Toaster Buying Guide — Here is another good guide to buying a toaster that includes all of the various things that consumers should keep in mind when in the market for the appliance.
  • Toaster Defects and Safety — Users can get an overview of the various safety issues that they may encounter with toasters on this site.
  • Toaster Over Recipes and Microwave Cooking — This page from Good Housekeeping has dozens of recipes for the toaster oven and microwave.
  • Toaster GuideConsumer Reports has this great page on what features are offered in toasters and their respective advantages.

Waffle Irons

  • Ask Mr. Breakfast — Readers will no longer find cleaning the waffle iron to be an intimidating task once they have read this guide.
  • Waffle Recipes — The Food Network presents 125 waffle recipes on this page.



  • Choosing a Juicer — Several things to remember when shopping for a juicer and a comparison of several juicer brands can be found here.
  • Cleaning Your Juicer — This page has several tips for cleaning nearly any kind of juicer.
  • Free and Easy Juicer Recipes — There are eight easy recipes to make with a juicer on this page.

Melting Pots

  • Choosing the Right Fondue Equipment — Best Fondue.com explains how individuals may choose the right fondue equipment to meet their specific needs.
  • Fondue Bits — Fondue recipes, a guide to different fondue pots, articles on fondue, and more are all found on this page.
  • Three Delicious Melting Pot Recipes — A cheese appetizer, entrée, and dessert recipe from the Melting Pot restaurant are all located on this site.

Slow Cookers

  • Care and Cleaning Your Crock-Pot® — This page from the official manufacturer of the Crock-Pot® explains how to clean the famous slow cooker.
  • Slow and Simple — Slow cooker recipes, recommended slow cookers, and more can all be found on this site dedicated to Crock-Pots® and other slow cookers.
  • Slow Cooker Primer — Find out about slow cookers and what should be considered when purchasing one on this site.

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