Appliance Resources: Cooking For Kids!

Appliance Resources: Cooking For Kids!

Cooking and eating is a necessary part of life, since everyone needs nourishment in order to survive. However, many people enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen with different ingredients, recipes and cooking methods. The slightest change in ingredients, cooking time and in preparation can change the taste and look of your food. Becoming a competent cook can be challenging and in many cases involves a lifetime of hard work.

But cooking can also be fun, especially for children. The look of joy on the faces of children when helping their parents, grandparents, siblings, other relatives or friends in the kitchen, is a special joy that is priceless. Children at the youngest ages can learn the basics of cooking and begin the journey of becoming an adult that enjoys cooking and baking. While there is no minimum age for children to be introduced to cooking in the kitchen, but in order to follow directions, read recipes and measuring implements, five years old is a good age to begin teaching children to cook.

Along the way there are many facets of cooking that must be passed along to children in the kitchen. It is important that children learn about basic nutrition ideas that can be used in the kitchen. Also, getting children to learn about terminology used in cooking at an early age can make teaching them easier. And, learning how to use kitchen appliances and other cooking equipment is a valuable life long lesson that will stick with children for the rest of their lives. Of course, during kitchen lessons it is always important to talk about safety in the kitchen both with the equipment and in working with the ingredients.

So, put on an apron, roll up your sleeves and start learning how to cook!

Nutrition for kids

  • My Pyramid for Kids - government sponsored website which provides information on nutrition for kids.
  • Kids Nutrition - informative page providing information on a variety of areas of kids nutrition.
  • Nutrition Facts - teen and adolescent nutrition is provided in this helpful page.
  • Kids and Teen Nutrition - information aimed at teens and children providing information on proper nutrition.
  • Activity and Nutrition - helpful site covering activities and nutrition for children to keep a healthy lifestyle.
  • Body and Mind - useful information on feeding the body and mind to be healthy.


Intro to Kitchen Appliances

Cooking Utensils & Tools

  • Kitchen Tools and Utensils - listing of commonly used utensils and tools found in most kitchens.
  • Kitchen Utensils - information on utensils and tools and a description of the uses.
  • Helpful Utensils - listing of some of the most helpful utensils and tools in the kitchen.
  • Kitchen Gadgets - information on usage of some of the kitchen gadgets and tools found in the kitchen.

Kitchen and Cooking Safety

General Cooking Resources and Recipes