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Information Resources

Safety first! Some important warnings and precautions to take before beginning any repair project.

The easiest and most reliable way to find the right part for your appliance repair is to search PartSelect using your appliance's model number. This guide will help you find the model number hidden away on your appliance.

Which one's the bake element and which is broil? We've provided a glossary of important appliance repair terms.

We've created these appliance-specific guides to help you through the most common troubleshooting and repair situations:

Fun Appliance Resources

At PartSelect Canada, we want to learn everything there is to know about our homes and the household appliances we use. That's why we've researched and compiled this great resource of articles about everything from home repairs and how our appliances work to electricity and the technology behind these simple machines.

So You Got a KitchenAid For Christmas – Now What To Do With It?

If you are lucky enough to have been gifted with (or have purchased yourself) your first KitchenAid Stand Mixer, you’re probably really excited to use it, but you may not know quite where to start. Never fear, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to using the KitchenAid mixer, explain what each of the attachments are for and we also highlight some of the accessory options you can pick up in the future for even more fun in the kitchen.

Thanksgiving Dishes You Can Make Ahead of Time

There is no question that Thanksgiving is one of the more delicious holidays, but it can also be one of the most stressful depending on how many mouths you have to feed. Devote this year’s festivities to friends and family by preparing everything except the turkey ahead of time. You'll save yourself some time, some stress and maybe even a few food-related disasters. Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving side dishes, all of which can be prepared well in advance to be enjoyed on the big day!

Do-It-Yourself Canada Day Outfits

Show your Canadian spirit this Canada Day by sporting some homemade holiday wear! Check out these quick and easy DIY Canada Day outfit ideas.

The Ultimate Camping Appliance Checklist

Summer has finally arrived which means long weekends and vacations spent camping are just around the corner. Many people aren't aware that there are tons of handy appliances out there geared toward making your camping experience as convenient as possible, whether you're roughing it in a tent or living a life of luxury at the cottage. Here we share a few we can't wait to put to good use this season!

Bicycle Maintenance And Repair

To teach children to be responsible for their possessions, it’s a good idea to teach them how to repair and maintain their bicycles. Here are some comprehensive resources on bike maintenance and bike repair for kids.

Everything You Need To Know About Small Appliances

This resource is designed to help anyone pick the best small kitchen appliances, use them properly, and create delicious meals that all can enjoy.

History Of Electricty And Technology

The discovery of electricity was a huge development and it is important to understand how electricity works. Learn more about the history and future of electricity.

Home Energy Saving Tips

This list compiles ideas for all areas of your home to cut back and conserve your energy and water usage.

How A Microwave Works

Find out the history of the microwave and how they work as well as fun facts and safety guidelines to using your microwave at home.

How To Solder

Soldering refers to the process of melting and joining two or more metals. Use this resource to learn more about soldering.

Teaching Kids About Water Conservation

Water conservation is an area of concern and to ensure that we have a sufficient amount of water available, we need to teach our kids good water conservation techniques.

Ultimate Online Study Tips Resource

Without the right study skills, no student can master a subject area and do well in college. Use this ultimate resource to improve your study skills.

Household Amenities and Appliances: Timeline of Their Arrival

Before checking out new technology, one should understand the history of the different household amenities and appliances.

A Major Food Labeling Reference Guide

In the United States, food labeling is mandatory for most pre-packaged foods like breads, canned and frozen foods, cereals, snacks, drinks, desserts, and so on. Here’s an ultimate resource list on food labeling.

Kick-off Canada Day With Some Great Canadian Inventions

Lots of things make Canada a cool country – and we don’t just mean the weather.

Home Appliances Buying Guide

Home appliances are important so consumers should consider various factors before deciding on a particular appliance.

Appliance Resources: Cooking For Kids!

Children at the youngest ages can learn the basics of cooking and begin the journey of becoming an adult that enjoys cooking and baking.

A Beginner's Guide to Soldering

Solder (pronounced “sahd er”) is a metal or metallic alloy that when heated to its melting point, can bind together two metal surfaces.

Home Appliance Safety Guide

Home appliances that operate with gas fuel, especially stoves and ovens, require some different safety measures than their electric counterparts. This guide will teach you the most important safety measures for your major home appliances.